Wednesday, February 4, 2009



For every female, you have a genital part on your body obviously. For some women, you have a tattoo. For others, you expose your genital piercings in a piercing gallery online. Although, did you know you can get a genital tattoo? Yes that's right, you are a female and you can get a genital tattoo!

If you view around the web, a tattoo gallery consists of a wide variety of tattoos, but rarely ever do you see one of a tattoo on a female genital part. Well, it is true that you can get a tattoo on your genital!

For most, especially if you are a female, you are likely scared of getting a tattoo so getting one on your genital should be out of the question. If you can not stand the pain of getting a tattoo on your arm, how can you stand the pain of getting a tattoo on your genital?

A tattoo on your genital usually makes a illusion with your labia representing something it is not like a flower or a flame. A female who has a tattoo on their genital should shave regularly if they wish to keep the image visable. A genital tattoo however is not the best choice.

Besides the pain that it can cause, can a genital tattoo harm any of your reproductive organs, can a genital tattoo harm you in any way? In most cases the answer is no. A tattoo on your genital should not harm you in any way. There is a large amount of pain however and you have to make sure your tattoo is done profesionally so make sure you pick someone to do it that knows what he is doing. You may feel uncomfortable about getting a man to do a genital tattoo on you though so you may have to look further and try to find a female who is a tattoo artist, and a good one at that.

You can view a gallery that will display a tattoo or two with illusions to get an idea of how to illude the eyes and make people think it is something that it is not.

In the long run, not many people are going to see your genital tattoo so it is up to you to decide if it is really worth it.

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